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Sam Kirkham

Lancaster University Phonetics Lab
Department of Linguistics and English Language
Lancaster University
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Gorman, Emily & Sam Kirkham. submitted. Dynamic acoustic-articulatory relations in back vowel fronting: A comparison of Standard Southern British English and West Yorkshire English.

Kirkham, Sam & Kathleen M. McCarthy. submitted. Acquiring allophonic structure and phonetic detail in a bilingual community: The production of laterals by Sylheti-English bilingual children.

Nance, Claire, Sam Kirkham, Kate Lightfoot & Luke Carroll. submitted. Intonational variation in the North-West of England: The origins of a rising contour in Liverpool.

Nance, Claire & Sam Kirkham. forthcoming. The acoustics of three-way lateral and nasal palatalisation contrasts in Scottish Gaelic. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Kirkham, Sam, Claire Nance, Bethany Littlewood, Kate Lightfoot & Eve Groarke. 2019. Dialect variation in formant dynamics: The acoustics of lateral and vowel sequences in Manchester and Liverpool English. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 145(2): 784-794. [ doi | pdf | osf ]

Diskin, Chloé, Deborah Loakes, Rosey Billington, Hywel Stoakes, Simón Gonzalez & Sam Kirkham. 2019. The /el/-/æl/ merger in Australian English: Acoustic and articulatory insights. Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. [ pdf ]

Nance, Claire, Sam Kirkham & Eve Groarke. 2018. Studying intonation in varieties of English: Gender and individual variation in Liverpool. In: Natalie Braber & Sandra Jansen (eds) Sociolinguistics in England. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [ pdf ]

Nance, Claire & Sam Kirkham. 2018. Phonology. In: Jonathan Culpeper, Paul Kerswill, Ruth Wodak, Tony McEnery & Francis Katamba (eds) English Language: Description, Variation and Context. Second edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [ pdf ]

Kirkham, Sam & Claire Nance. 2017. An acoustic-articulatory study of bilingual vowel production: Advanced tongue root vowels in Twi and tense/lax vowels in Ghanaian English. Journal of Phonetics 62: 65-81. [ doi | pdf ]

Kirkham, Sam. 2017. Ethnicity and phonetic variation in Sheffield English liquids. Journal of the International Phonetic Association 47(1): 17-35. [ doi | pdf ] *open access*

Kirkham, Sam & Emma Moore. 2016. Constructing social meaning in political discourse: Phonetic variation and verb processes in Ed Miliband's speeches. Language in Society 45(1): 87-111. [ doi | pdf ]

Kirkham, Sam. 2016. Constructing multiculturalism at school: Negotiating tensions in talk about ethnic diversity. Discourse & Society 27(4): 383-400. [ doi | pdf ] *open access*

Kirkham, Sam & Alison Mackey. 2016. Research, relationships and reflexivity: Reflections on two case studies of language and identity. In: Peter De Costa (ed.) Ethics in Applied Linguistics Research: Language Researcher Narratives. London: Routledge, pp. 103-120. [ pre-print | book ]

Kirkham, Sam. 2015. Intersectionality and the social meanings of variation: Class, ethnicity, and social practice. Language in Society 44(5): 629-652. [ doi | pdf ] *open access*

Kirkham, Sam & Jessica Wormald. 2015. Acoustic and articulatory variation in British Asian English liquids. Proceedings of the XVIII International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 1-5. [ pdf ] *open access*

Nance, Claire, Sam Kirkham & Eve Groarke. 2015. Intonational variation in Liverpool English. Proceedings of the XVIII International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 1-5. [ pdf ] *open access*

Kirkham, Sam & Emma Moore. 2013. Adolescence. In: J.K. Chambers & Natalie Schilling (eds) The Handbook of Language Variation and Change. Second edition. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 277-296.
[ doi | pdf | pre-print ]

Kirkham, Sam. 2011. The acoustics of coronal stops in British Asian English. Proceedings of the XVII International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 1102-1105. [ pdf ] *open access*

Kirkham, Sam. 2011. Personal style and epistemic stance in classroom discussion. Language and Literature 20(3): 201-217. [ doi | pdf ]