Sam Kirkham

Sam Kirkham

Lancaster University Phonetics Lab
Department of Linguistics and English Language
Lancaster University
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My teaching philosophy

I am interested in bringing the study of human speech to life through practical demonstration — a typical undergraduate course will see me using hairdryers, balloons, plasticine, a trombone, drums, guitars, rubber bands, a paper larynx, speech synthesis software, drinks cans, and, occasionally, fire. Most of all, the chance to talk to, teach, and learn from groups of smart students is a really fun part of my job!


In 2016 I was awarded Lancaster University's Undergraduate Teaching Award, which is a university-wide prize based on student nominations and testimonials. I have also been nominated for Best Dissertation Supervisor and Best Student Advisor awards at Lancaster, as well as Postgraduate Tutor of the Year when I was a PhD student at Sheffield.

Teaching responsibilities

At Lancaster, I currently teach on the following courses:

I am also my department's Part 1 Director of Studies, which means that I'm resposible for various academic and pastoral matters for all of our first-year students.